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Tree Lopping Brisbane North

Tree Lopping Brisbane North

Are you looking for for a reliable tree lopping service in Brisbane north? Don’t waste your entire weekend clearing your yard when we can do the job for you! At Brisbane Mulching and tree lopping in Brisbane north, we cut, trim and mulch those trees for you while you kick-back and enjoy your weekend. Based in north Brisbane we cover most areas of Brisbane. No job is too big or small so give John a call to get your yard looking great for Christmas.

Check Before Tree Lopping

Safety always comes first! Before commencing any tree lopping, always check your surrounding areas. Ensure you there are no objects, vehicles or power lines in the way of falling trees or branches. And although a tree may be on your property, you must always check for approval from your local council. And native species are all protected and so always get approval before any tree lopping begins. You can find out more about permissions by checking the Moreton Bay Regional Council website here.

Tree Trimming

There are many reasons you should keep your trees regularly trimmed. Here’s a few reasons why tree trimming is important:

  • It’s safety! Low-hanging or over-hanging branches are dangerous. Remove those branches BEFORE a storm hits. It will save you money and angst. Branches become hazards in high winds causing damage to your house, vehicle or loved ones. So check your yard regularly!
  • Trimming branches promotes the growth of your tree. Dead branches inhibit tree growth so removing branches is good for your trees’ health.
  • Removing diseased branches can stop the spread of disease and help your tree to recover.
  • It beautifies your yard. Removing excessive branches can open-up your yard and give you a better view of your neighborhood.

Tree Lopping Brisbane North

Get In Touch

So if you’re in need of tree lopping in Brisbane north, get in touch for a quote here. Or you can give John a call on 0407 174 560.


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